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A message from Hallbury Directors regarding COVID-19

The developing situation regarding COVID-19 has created uncertainty and concern in our community. We would like to update you on the proactive approach that Hallbury is implementing to mitigate the impact of the virus within our business in the days and months ahead.
We are prioritising the health and safety of our clients, staff, trading partners, and our trades. We have framed our operating arrangements around these priorities. We look to and heed the advice of the medical professionals and Government bodies, with a view to managing these risks appropriately.

From a business operations point of view we plan to continue to operate our office, construction sites, and display homes as normal for the foreseeable future. We are developing contingency plan scenarios for our business operations in the event the Government takes further steps in managing the virus spread (such as possible future office closures). These plans will minimise disruption to our operations and construction progress to our client’s homes.
For clients with homes under construction, we are not currently anticipating delays to construction progress. The majority of trades are able to work observing the ‘social distancing’ recommended by the authorities. Broadly, the supply of materials required for your new home build are sourced or manufactured here in Australia. Certain categories are manufactured overseas, however the feedback from our supply chain partners is that there is little to no disruption to the availability of these products. Should we encounter any material shortages we will manage these on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with you if required. Overall, we anticipate construction to continue as usual.
For our pre-site clients, we also anticipate to progress as usual. The nature of our office work provides the ability for staff to work from home occasionally, and Hallbury operate an appropriate technology platform to allow us to transition to work from home arrangements with minimal impact to our clients projects, should this become necessary.

We are proactively initiating ‘social distancing’ recommendations through our office and display homes, and have asked our staff to exercise good ‘social distancing’ practices both at the office and after hours. This includes arranging non-essential meetings to be conducted by telephone or video conference rather than face-to-face wherever possible. Per the Governments directive, from midnight 16 March 2020 all people returning to Australia from overseas travel are required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days. We request that anyone planning to visit our office, display homes, or building sites observe this directive. We further request that anyone who is feeling unwell to reschedule any ‘in person’ meetings or conduct them digitally instead. If you have visited us in person and become unwell or are diagnosed with COVID-19 we ask you contact us immediately so we can take steps to ensure the wellbeing of our team and prevent any further spread.
Residential construction businesses are positioned far better to contend with these challenges than many other sectors of the economy. Our long lead times provide us the opportunity to plan and manage our way through business disruption threats better than the travel or hospitality industries, as examples.

You can take comfort that Hallbury are proactively managing our business arrangements through these challenging times. We will continue to monitor the situation, continue to follow the advice of the experts, and commit to keeping you informed should any developments impact your new home build.
If you have further questions please contact your Client Service Manager, who will endeavour to have those questions answered for you.

Kind regards
Glenn Smith & Cliff Hall
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