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Free RACV Home Assist

Every Hallbury Homes includes 1 year free membership

RACV Home Assist

In an emergency, you're covered

All new Hallbury Homes clients recieve a FREE 12 month subscription to RACV's Emergency Home Assist.

RACV Emergency Home Assist is a rapid response service for common plumbing, electrical and lock out home emergencies.
  • 24/7, 365 days a year access to fully qualified tradespeople
  • 90% of emergencies attended to within the hour
  • Up to 8 call-outs per year
  • No afterhours/weekend surcharges and includes minor parts and materials.
  • Types of emergencies

    Internal Leaks
    A damaged roof, blocked gutter or downpipe causing an internal leak through the ceiling or walls.

    Blocked toilet, pipe or drain
    A blocked toilet, pipe or drain prevents water flow, causing overflow.

    Broken tap or shower
    Inability to control water flow as the result of a broken tap or shower, causing significant water wastage, home or property damage (does not include dripping taps).

    Burst pipe
    A burst pipe or joint, resulting in significant water wastage, home or property damage.

    Faulty or burst hot water system
    Burst or faulty hot water system as the result of gas or electrical supply fault, faulty components, or the inability to reignite the pilot light.

    Broken heating/cooling system
    Broken or faulty system as the result of gas or electrical problems, faulty components, or inability to reignite pilot light (specialist referral may be required).

    Lighting or power fault
    Supply of power to all or part of the house has been disrupted (excludes area-wide blackouts and power outages).

    Lock out or broken door or window
    Locked out of the house or where home safety or security is threatened as a result of damaged locks or jammed external doors and windows.

    Broken glass
    Where home safety or security is threatened as a result of damage to broken glass in an external door or window we will make safe (excludes glass repair and glass replacement).

    Gas leak
    Internal or external gas leaks as a result of a damaged leaking gas pipe.